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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Home again....

Due to health reasons, I had to cut my Toronto trip short. As some of you know, I had to be taken to the hospital last week due to complications with my Scoliosis (I had a new shift and it was putting pressure on my lungs and it caused me to hyperventilate). And, now, my prescription that was supposed to help me sleep (it turned off the pain receptors in my body), isn't working anymore. Also, I've been experiencing a plethora of new (and some annoying) symptoms that I wanted to talk to my Doctor about. I am really sad that I couldn't stay in Toronto longer, but my health is my main priority.

I am going to aim for another Toronto trip at the end of the summer... Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves...

I typically don't mind people using my stuff... I'm all for sharing.... BUT FUCKING ASK FIRST!!!!!

Don't just help yourself to my shit....

A quick, "Can I use....." will not kill you.

That is all.

Because this video still brings a tear to my eye.....

Fuck Perez Hilton.....

Sadly, Perez Hilton and his site, are a sad reflection of our society.

People my age probably know more about what celebrity ate where, than the platforms of our Presidential candidates.

This guy is a complete and utter moron. He can't even form a complete sentence, yet he has the audacity to berate Paris Hilton for being famous for nothing.... Hey, Dipshit, you just described yourself.

Perez Hilton is pretty much famous for stealing pics (yeah, he's a fucking thief), scribbling all over them like a 2 year old with no common sense, and "reporting" what he thinks is going on.

Seriously America.... wake up.... the rest of the world thinks we're morons.... And, sadly, we keep proving them right.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yeah... be jealous....

Not only do I get to hang out with the awesomeness that is Shandra...

But, we get to go to a Porn Industry Party and the wrap party for the new Hulk movie.... Rawk!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I had my first Guy/Girl shoot....

And, even though J-Unit crushed my vag on one lift, the shots came out amazing...lol. We worked with Ward in his awesome studio. He had us dying laughing. Aside from my Detroit trip, I hadn't laughed that hard in forever. We were a little shaky at first, but Jordan was really good at not dropping me.... especially considering he had never done lifts before. I saw the shots as he took them, but I am still anxious to see the final product.

So, I wanted to say thank you to Ward for even considering shooting with me.... it was an honour to work with you.

The best weekend.... EVER!!!!

Ok, so I've been in Toronto for 3 weeks now, and I am still loving it. This weekend, my homey J-Unit and I took a bus trip down to Detroit to meet these awesome people....

The one whom I adore.... PXE

The best motorboatin boobs EVAR!! Miss Alison

The eighth Wonder of the World... Engel Schrei

The girl with the CUTEST O-Face.... Alkemie Jane/ Alkemie

The girl who's boobs make me want to get rid of my Tempur pedic pillow... Mischief Vixen/Eclectic Vision/Gumby

The giver of the worlds best scritches... meow.... Raelyn Mouse

And, the master himself.... Eric Cain...

I haven't had that much fun in a long time.... Even though we were only there for the night, I had a blast... now, we're trying to get everyone up to Toronto for another nakey party... :D