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Thursday, January 31, 2008

She Takes My Breathe Away.....

This is my list of Models on MM who never fail to make me stop and stare......

1. Revel.... just look

2. Kumi.... she's is sooo versatile and stunning.... LOVE

3. Raquel_Reed.... She IS Rainbow Bright

4. Envy..... her smile is a killer


You make me soooo angry.....

But I love you....

That is all.

Question of the Day

Ok..... I just got home from the Chiropractor and Oprah (the Anti-Christ) was on. She was discussing organ donors and had the recipients on the show with the family of the donor.

Well, I asked Nick..... if sometime down the line, Vagina transplants were to become available and when I died, a trans gendered individual got my vagina. If that individual came to him with the proposition of one last romp with my vag, would he take it?

He just gave me this look of.... "What have you been smoking" .... and ignored me.... But, I think it's in interesting question. What do you think?

Bed rest is a bitch....

For serious.... I've been cooped up in the house for a week and I've been in chronic pain.... it sucks ass and it doesn't help that my monthly visitor decided to drop by also. GODDAMMIT!!

And, it doesn't help that MM has become soooo ridiculously boring. I mean, networking wise, I love it.... But, the forums seem to be losing their luster. I still don't understand the logic of kicking out Jenna G and leaving morons like Urhearts..... but, it's whatever. It's Tyler's site and he can do whatever he deems fit.

Speaking of Tyler.... I actually like him. People are always giving him a hard time, but considering MM is a hobby for him, he has done a lot already. I guess I'm just sick of all the people whining about every little thing that goes wrong with the site. If MM starts to take over your life to the point that you have a nervous breakdown everytime the site is down, maybe you need to take a step back from the computer and get laid or something.

That is my piece for the moment.

My Bang List

1. Alex Davenport (it's the boobs, they get me everytime)

2. LaDiva... that is all

3. Jenna G.... her flaps give it to me sooo bad

4. Pantera..... although, my husband wants to bang her more than me...lol

5. Captain Cool/Asylum..... I have a thing for "Powder"

6. Damon Banner.... Green men give me girl boners

7. The N Word.... another one with the magic titties

8. Will Springfield.... the name speaks for itself.... have you seen that man?

9. Ransom.... yeah, I'll admit, I'd hit it.....

10. Tyler.... yeah, I have a little crush on the Wizard of Mayhem

they are in no specific order.... Except for Alex, cause she's the closest to me....lol