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Monday, November 24, 2008

So.... what's been going on....

Well, my rest is helping.... I finally got a refill of my sleeping meds, so I don't feel like a zombie anymore. The fibro is bearable, but my spine has been ridiculous lately.... But, my doctor said I can take a lower dosage of the sleeping meds to help with the pain, and it has. :)

Ohh.... Shon came and stayed at my place saturday night. I love him.... he's sooooo cute. I was seriously contemplating kidnapping him and making him live in my closet. My mom loves him.... she hasn't stopped talking about him since he left. She got a kick out of his matching pajamas and robe.

*Fingers Crossed* that I'm not having issues for the Wii party.... Corloser is going down, Betch.

1 comment:

Kita St. Cyr said...

Matching jammies and robe?!?! Sounds adorable! :D