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Monday, November 2, 2009

One update to rule them all....

Ok... so, yeah... I have kind of fallen off the map for awhile. I was just getting settled into my new home. For those that haven't heard, I am now a Dallasonian (I know, Dicks, that isn't a real word... but I like it). The timetable of me moving in with my bestest friend got pushed up... so I am here now instead of next year.

So far, I am loving it here. I have met some awesome people... found a sweet job... acquired the World's Most Psycho Ninja Kittie... and I'm really happy here. AND... I have cut my hair the shortest it has ever been and I'm loving it sooo hard right now. Why the hell haven't I done this sooner. I am now a believer and waking up and not doing your hair... BED HAIR FOR THE WIN!

Quite possibly the coolest thing that has happened to me since moving here, was partying my face off with Pantera. I work at a club that is owned by Vinnie Paul... and since they are in town recording an album, they're always there. I almost peed my pants when they said they were going to hook me up with the guitarist because I'm his type... yeah... I'd nail the guitarist from Pantera (It'll give me something to brag about to my grand kids). I don't normally drink at work, but there is no way I was turning down a shot from Vinnie.

This past halloween is officially up there on the epic scale. I met soooo many awesome people this weekend, and no one was really a dick. I mean, there's usually one asshole who ruins it for everyone... but everyone I have met was cool as fuck... Even the guy who kept touching my head in the world's creepiest way.

As far as shooting goes... I've kind of been slacking on it. Doing a few small projects for some friends here and there... but no serious shooting. Lately, I have been really itching to get back behind the camera. The loss of my old camera hit me harder than I thought it would... but, I think I'm finally ok now. I have soooo many insane ideas floating in my head... now I just have to decide if I want to be a total narcissist and model in the images I want to shoot. Ha... I mean... I would love to hire someone, but I don't know if I'll be able to relate what I see in my head to another person.

Speaking of what's in my head... I am freaked out by how much I want to do. I have sooo many ideas for shoots, wardrobe to design and make, and shoots I want to shoot with my roommate. The trick is... finding a guy who would be willing to just get naked with me on camera (no sexin involved)... it's a lot harder than it sounds... Ha... I kill myself with the puns.

Anywho... that's what's been going on the past month and a half..... OH YEAH... I almost forgot... I turn 25 in 7 days... who wants to take me out and help me drink away the pain of getting old? :P

1 comment:

Transplanted Pilot said...

25 is old? Listen missy ...

As for guys shooting naked with you, I am tooo far away. As a nudist so being naked in an non-sexual way with a woman IS a norm me.

Maybe one day after I get my license I will fly down and photograph you.