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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


you motherfucker... this season finale was AWESOME! It took four seasons, but you finally killed off Rita... WOOT!!! She was driving me nuts with her nagging.

As for how Dexter found Rita... EPIC... It brings the story full circle. Will Harrison be another serial killer or is he too young for it to even effect him? Will the other two flip their shit and tag along with dear old Daddy Dexter and get their kill on? I sooo cannot wait for the 5th season. So far, the Trinity Killer has been my favourite. Everything about this guys is sooo fucked up, I LOVE it.

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is the first time since the death of Doakes that I have been fuckin excited for a Dexter season finale.

1 comment:

Josh Cole said...

Word! Finally, someone else that agrees with me. It's about time we lose Rita. Man, that woman got on my NERVES!!!