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Monday, February 22, 2010


I absolutely hate living here in Dallas more than anything. Artistically, I feel stifled and it's starting to bring me down. Everyone here is all about glamour and blondes with big tits. Where's the art?!

Sitting here in my living room... I feel defeated. Our move can't come soon enough. I have all these ideas in my head that are trying to claw their way out... but, I have no way of making them a reality.

I guess I shouldn't complain... I'd be homeless right now if I didn't move here. Sigh... July seems sooooo far away.

/rambling rant

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Ian said...

I went to Dallas from 18 months in South Bend, Indiana, and 6 months in Delhi. I remember that, like you, I found art and culture to be a bit thin on the ground but certainly not non-existent. And a lot better than the aforementioned two locations!

(You forget the "big hair" thing. Or has that died out now?)