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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Updates Galore.....

Okelie.... well, things have been all types of crazy lately. So, I'll start from the beginning:

-My mom and I don't get along, that's a well known fact. Well, the fighting has finally reached a point where she and myself can't take it anymore, so she gave me a 60 day eviction notice.

-I had originally been offered the opportunity to go to Dallas... but the more we talked things through, the more we realized that it wouldn't be the best thing. So, for now, I am staying here in Maryland.

-I have fallen back in love... well, I can't really say back in love because I never stopped loving him... but, yes, I have fallen back in love with the greatest man ever. Not to sound cliche, but fate has given us a second chance and I am sooo happy that I decided to take it. I love you so much, Asshole.

-My Godmother worked up a deal with her doctor to get me s free consultation and free x-rays... YAY... So, I can finally know just how bad my back is. I go to see him tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed.

Hmm... I think that's it... for now at least.

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Kayelless said...

So uhm.... where're you goin' in 60 days?