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Monday, March 22, 2010

Any tips for a woman giving head as I'm often a bit imtimadated

Well, the first thing is, you can't show that you're intimidated. Take control of it like it's yours. To guys, that confidence is a major turn on. I never start with just attacking the peen... I work my way down. Tasting and teasing their nipples, chest, abs and the spot between their thighs and their crotch. Also, don't be afraid to do more than just bobbing your head up on down on the shaft. The tip is also super sensitive. Use your tongue, your teeth and even the roof of your mouth. And, hands are another great tool... your jaw will get tired, so use your hands to stroke the shaft while you take care of the tip with your tongue/mouth. The dual sensations drives guys wild. That's just the basics. If you want a more in depth tutorial, please feel free to contact my through my personal email. fifi-alexis@hotmail.com I'm all about spreading good sex to the world. :)

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