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Monday, March 29, 2010

If I could buy you one special outfit what would you like?

Oh gosh... first, I am flattered that you would even ask. Second... hmm... that's a toughie... If you could, I would have to say, this dress http://www.atsukokudo.com/shop-page.php?page=Latex-Rubber-Fifties-Style-Flare-Dress

I have been in love with it since it first was added to the site. I'm simple, so I wouldn't want the flowers or anything. I just want it strapless in light blue. It's my dream dress.... which is weird because it's the girliest thing I have ever liked.

I'd custom order some Punitive ballet heels to go with it. Black patent... drool... sorry for the in depth answer, I've been drooling/fantasizing about that dress for a long time. Ignore my ramblings. lol

Don't be scared....

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