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Sunday, April 25, 2010


Yesterday was AMAZEBALLS!!! I had sooooo much fun shooting in one of the most amazing locations ever. One thing did suck though, Ruca has strep throat, so she couldn't make it. BUT... on the upside, I got to shoot with Zamra Dollskin!! Our hair and make-up was done by the amazing, hilarious and gorgeous LaDonna Hearne.

I got to model designs from Dollskin Designs and a piece from Vex that I have been drooling over for the longest time now. Ohh..OOOH...OOOOOOOoh... I also got to show Kaia, Zamra, Nadyia and Billy some moves on the pole (yes, there will be pics cause it sooooo happened).

I had a blast, and hopefully, we'll all get to collaborate again!!! They were all seriously the best!!

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