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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I wish I had a cool E-Stalker. : (

Mine sucks.... they aren't even funny.

They just ramble on about the same shit every time they spam my blog.


Is it too much to ask for to get a cool troll like Prissy or even CAP? At least they're hilarious.


FifiDawgHasNoMoney said...

Cool E-Stalkers are all talk, fraud BLACK girl that denies she is and claims to be white.

Like someone challenged you before, apply in person and don't tell them all these fantasy mixes you claim to have and ask them to mark your application for you on your ract, guess what they will mark-----------------BLAAAAAAAAAAAAACK, You're black sistah!

Candy said...

Wow. That's fucked up.

Sharon said...

this blog is funny. Mostly because of the rabid dog. Rabid dogs are funny. I am glad you have fans Fifi. But your fan owes me an apology.

So fifidawg, pull your balls out of the heart shaped locket your mommy bought you and post your name.

You talk like you have guts...

Lets see them

Until then you are nothing more then a foaming at the mouth, raving lunatic. A pansy, pretending you could take on people in the real world.

I will be waiting for my apology...

Sharon Thornhill

FifiDawgHasNoMoney said...

Sharon Thornhill,

I don't owe you an apology. So, fuck off.

All of you need to get a fucking life.

This should be a lesson to all of you that when people don't care to play with your idiotic cyber games, they need to really be LEFT alone and stop poking a bee's nest.

Not just a talker.

Sharon said...

yes, you do. I don't need a bunch of random people contacting me out of the blue after I leave MM because someone thinks I have started a blog and wants to quasithreaten me.

It is not my fault you can't tell who people really are. It is your fault that I have to stop and reassure you in the middle of my busy day that I don't care about you, MM, or the rest of the internet blogs.

Regardless that you seem to see fit to place people on an hit list that you don't know exist, or even if those are really the people posting.

I hope you have money, or your business partner has patience tracking unicorns.

... still waiting

Lady Lamb said...

Laughing at the irony of this dumb fuck telling us to get a life.... HIGHLARIOUS!

Thank you.... See, E-Stalker, you're cooler when you're funny.

FifiDawgHasNoMoney said...

I may not be funny, but I believe that I am EFFECTIVE.

I have to give kudos to whoever YAWN is with his/her comment about your blog carrying on about MM....

In the end, you are still black. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with being black, with the exception of one desperately denying she is. Go to Harlem and shout that you aren't black, try it one time.

Lamonica, stop dragging your 15 minutes of infamy. Attention whoring ends here.

Lady Lamb said...

Once again.... you're just making yourself look like a diluted moron.


I thought you had finally gotten over me, but I see that I was mistaken.

Must be pretty pathetic when the only entertainment you have in your life is trolling strangers blogs.