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Monday, February 18, 2008

My Rant of the Day.....

I am pissed off at how our culture (American Culture) promotes/praises obesity.

I am soooo sick of people teeling girls/young women, "You shouldn't care what others say, be proud of your curves...." or some other nonsense along those lines.

If you really wanted to help them, tell them that having curves is ok, but being obese isn't anything to be proud of.

And, you know who needs to take a boot to the face.... Tyra Banks....When that bitch was a twig, you never heard her giving it up for the big girls. But, now that she has gotten bigger, it seems like every other word out of her mouth is her reassuring people that she loves/is happy with herself. Bitch, please... you are not fooling anyone.

Now, before some moron reads this without actually reading it, I am not telling anyone to be skinny or go on a diet..... This is about health. It shouldn't matter what you weigh, your overall health should be what's important.


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