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Monday, February 18, 2008

Words of Wisdom from my future Girlfriend.....

I am bored today and decided to lurk the forums.... You actually come across more interesting posts when you aren't posterbating in one thread.... Anywho... I came across this little tidbit and it really made me stop and think......So, Enjoy the wisdom of Jessica Elliot....

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Jessica Elliot
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@Global Vision and the OP:

Seriously, though...in all actuality, it isn't all that rare to find a well-spoken, classy lady in this day and age. The two of you are sounding like good manners and charm are the social equivilent of the Holy Grail, and that it is strictly reserved for a day and age long since past!

To be frank about it, I'm sure there were people just like Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears, and Lindsey Lohan in the time when these ladies of integrity were in the limelight. The only difference with the present lies in where the media chooses to shine the spotlight.

I'm going to say something enlightening...ready? The entertainment industry sadly isn't aiming for the intellegent crowd anymore. Really...there's no such thing as a truely "intellegent" consumer anymore. Producers know that there are far more stupid, ADHD people out there than cultured analysists, and it is the mass market that determines the quality of entertainment.

We see people like Paris in the tabloids all the time because she's an idiot! The paparazzi are thrilled because it is someone who their consumers can enjoy. People today don't want to read about beautiful, intellegent, successful women, because it brings them down. Audiences are demanding more "average" looking models in magazines to stop the self-loathing of a female society built on the fear of poor self-esteem.

Thus, the tabloids spew their garbage about these provocative, wonder-whores in the attempt to make their audience buy the magazine to feel good about themselves. At least they're not as crazy as Brittney! At least a multi-millionaire like Paris has nothing else going for her! Society is obsessed with these skanky, dumb ass women in the papers because it reminds them of how normal they are.


noir-ame said...

LMAO! I was just googling my name and I saw this. I'm flattered you enjoyed this Fifi! I didn't think anyone paid any attention to my post, but I'm happy that you took something in from it. :)

Jessica Elliot

Lady Lamb said...

I thoroughly enjoyed it. You are very well-spoken and just an all-around awesome person.

I got a lot from your post. Thank you.